1. Hi Samskara – after you went through my Polanski blog, I thought I return the honour and read your own thoughts on the case, and about your own violation. I don’t think there’s any woman on this planet who never faced sexual assault or rape in some form, or of course even many men. I have a very dear friend who had her own very violent multiple rape to content with she in fact hardly survived many years ago, and she would never ‘campaign’ for him either, even if it had been a lesser serious assault the kind you suffered. Unlike Geimer, who still does so urgently for her own ‘violator’. So yeah, it looks like real rape victims stand behind him more than other ‘feminists’, because they know better. The Dank Professor, a friend of mine and my friend’s, posted a blog of another blogger who had suffered her own sexual assault, though of a different nature, who defends Polanski. I post of Huffington Post as well, where there are more objective and reasonable voices debating the case, with Jeff Norman and Jack Butler, maybe you could join us. I trust you noticed that I have two versions of ‘The Tenant’, the more case oriented only and the much longer ‘analysis’ about the case. Feel free to email me, and I could get you in contact with my lady friend, who is a strong Polanski supporter. We’re both on Facebook too.

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