After some time away from this issue, I came back to find that I had a boatload of comments awaiting approval, trashing and commenting on. What I found was a wide range of things from links to porn sites, free Viagra, seeing photos of Rachel Bilson (never heard of her) naked, and several sites for free downloads of movies. While I trashed about 200 of these like posts, I approved of some that were to say the least, condemning of what I’ve had to say on the topic of Samantha Geimer and her supposed ‘ordeal’ with Roman Polanski some 33 years ago. I’ve responded to many approved comments from people who stopped by simply to accuse me of being a hypocrite, to others who believe I had what was coming to me from this IMDB poster who annotated my story of my rape. I also had a wide range of comments that I did trash who were outright stupid, and still others who I believe should never see the light of day considering they were just plainly, bad.

I have one thing to say though on those who wish to comment on the Polanski case without providing their facts in the form of links or a page of testimony or even something that can back up what they’re saying. I’m going to state this with clarity: If you are going to try to argue this case with me without providing proof in the form of an actual page of testimony or something that is in the public record of the case, I’m saying don’t bother posting. It won’t be accepted nor approved. I have very little time and patience for those who refuse to aquit themselves with the facts and claim such things as, “her boyfriend never came to her place….” Etc. You clearly show a lack of intelligence when you refuse to make yourself even aware of the issues in this case. Further, like it or not, Roman Polanski’s rights were abused. Samantha Geimer, it appears, received her payment in the form of a half a million dollar payout given to her by Polanski and confirmed by her lawyers. She received her ju$tice. Roman Polanski has as yet, to receive his in the form of fair treatment at the hands of the California Justice System. Until he does, this blog will continue to raise the pertinent issues regarding that injustice. This blog will also point out the errors made by stupid people who refuse to even believe that Polanski was treated unfairly. And for those who believe that it’s perfeclty okay for the current DA of Los Angeles, one Steve Cooley currently running for California Attorney General, who still refuses to try any one of his buddies in the Catholic Arch Diocese for molesting and raping children going back decades. He is a joke and a disgrace.

To finish, I’m tired of having to continue to post and repost stuff on message boards and other blogs about this case. It’s tiresome and frankly, getting to the point of ridiculousness. In this day and age where Google is available and readily handy with any facts you care to avail yourself of, there is no excuse for the lack of research not done.

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  1. “Roman Polanski has as yet, to receive his in the form of fair treatment at the hands of the California Justice System.”

    That is because he keeps running away from it. Don’t you get it? If all the facts state he was wronged why on earth is he still running away?

    I know you wont publish this but what the hell, maybe one day, you will get off your high horse and open that mind of yours, but I wont hold my breath.

    1. Talk about high horses. You still didn’t get what Roger Gunson, you know…the original prosecutor was saying in the Zenovich documentary. Gunson said under the circumstances he faced, he wasn’t surprised Polanski ran. And until the State of California is willing to deal squarely with him, why should he make himself available to the same kind of judge in Peter Espinoza that Rittenband was? Espinoza is nothing more than a carbon copy of Rittenband. Espinoza was given clear direction from the appeals court. In their ruling, they clearly stated Espinzoa should sentence Polanski in absentia, yet Espinoza has as yet to follow their direction. And I wonder why. He’s up for re-election. He can make his name off of Polanski. Instead of doing what is right for the case, both he and Cooley are using this for political advancement…nevermind that Cooley has ignored prosecuting priests who’ve committed far worse crimes within the safe arms of the Catholic Church than Polanski could even dream of filming.

      Perhaps one day you’ll actually watch the Zenovich documentary…which is here for you to view free of charge, but I know you won’t. Why? Because you still think you know more than those who were actually involved in the case. And I dare you to call into question the character of Roger Gunson who has given a deposition to the court chronicling the abuses by Rittenband and in effect, given his full support behind Polanski’s bid for freedom and offered his deposition to Polanski’s lawyers. You also fail to note the fact that Geimer has been campaigning since 1997 to get Polanski freed and the case cleared. So until you begin to comprehend that this is not merely me pontificating, it IS part of the public record, then I feel you chronic nosebleeds will continue up there in that rarified air you seem to think you inhabit.

  2. Samskara, just ignore Simon Smith.

    He has 0% clue what he’s talking about, and knowing him, his heroes are Laurence Rittenband, David Welles, and Steve Cooley.

    1. Vahan:

      It’s a little sick to think that this guy’s heroes are the likes of Rittenband, Welles and Cooley. As for ignoring him, I’m going to lacerate him every chance I get with the truth. That’s what this blog is for and I thank you and others who have read what I’ve had to say and commented thusly with encouragement and your own indignation of what happened to Roman. It’s a sad state of affairs when assholes like Rittenband and others get to take the law into their own hands and flout it. Roman just levelled the playing field when he fled. Good for him.

  3. I have seen the documentary and proves that in all things the case handled extremly badly, does that his crime any better?
    If he had keep where it should be he wouldn’t be where he is now, correct.
    Come back face what ever happens, probably nothing, then end of. But Polanski thinks he is above the law, the longer it goes on the more he suffers, that is his fault no one elses.

    1. You can say “he should have kept it where he should have” all you want. The point here is that despite what Polanski did or didn’t do, Judge Rittenband didn’t have to compound it with his judicial misconduct. Had he taken the plea and sentenced Polanski to time served and not made it all a huge media fiasco, then we wouldn’t be where we are today. Correct?

      As for ‘coming back to face the music’, put yourself in his place and see if you’d have the balls he does. You are the one who thinks Polanski is above the law. He was willing and ready to accept what the statute was, not to be a whipping boy to Judge Laurence J. Rittenband’s whims. And I’m sure given the exact same things Polanski faced, you’d run too. And don’t say you wouldn’t.

      The longer Steve Cooley grandstands, the longer this goes on. If both he and Judge Espinoza would just sentence him in absentia as the appeals court instructed, this would be all over and you could go back to your life free of Polanski and posting adnauseum to this blog.

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  5. Hi Samskara. I’ve been a long time reader of your posts here and elsewhere on the Polanski case. I appreciate you taking the time to spell out the facts of the case, even if occasionally you have gone out on a limb in matters of conjecture.

    Yes, it is tiring trying to talk sense to people who refuse to listen to reason. I can feel your exhaustion and need to step back, perhaps even quit.

    These people won’t change their minds no matter what.

    Luckily with the Swiss refusal to extradite this will go back to being at best a back-page news story. Only the frothing at the mouth types, whom nobody pays attention to in their real lives, and who lead frustrated lives of despair, will continue ranting about this on message boards and making utter obsessive fools out of themselves… Selene, I’m looking at you.

    Think on the bright side: the time these sad cases spend ranting is time that could be spent doing something positive with their own lives, or perhaps just tormenting their neighbours, tormenting their own children… perhaps it’s just as well they waste internet bandwith showing the world just how crazy they so they don’t get up to any serious mischief.

    1. Noa:

      Yes, I have become exhausted at times, but I always remembered that I was on the side of the rule of law, and I never waivered from that end vision. Samskara Impressions may move on to other things still pissing me off in the longrun. I began this blog to turn the mirror on the US Justice System and to point out the error in people’s thinking. And yes, I wasn’t going to mention her, but Selene is one of those who I feel either has a chip missing somewhere, or she truly is an idiot. I don’t like to point fingers, unlike some who think they can without being called up on their ish.

      The Swiss told the United States quite clearly, they have to play by the rules if they expect the world to listen. That they refused to hand over Roger Gunson’s deposition taken this year, shows their clear intent. And that clear intent was to deny the truth of the Polanski case to air to the public. I feel that today’s decision by Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf is going to send a message to LA County and to the voters of California to NOT elect Steve Cooley as their Attorney General. If he cannot be trusted to carry out the law as the law demands, what makes them think he’ll conduct himself with their best interests?

      I just read a comment in an online publication that bears repeating:

      “Finally, what was also most disturbing in the whole affair was the prurient voyeurism of Polanski’s detractors, indulging in the very details of his alleged crimes. Reactions to the case disturbingly revealed rampant moral McCarthyism. Anyone defending the film-maker was immediately accused of making an apology for rape. The end of the affair should hopefully bring back sense to those who had lost it for nine months.”


      Sums up everything about this case. And to Selene and the other regulars over at the IMDB Polanski board who refused to listen to the truth, the truth has spoken. Justice has been done and Roman Polanski is a free man, free to go home to his family. And if this blog did anything at all, it pointed a finger at those McCarthyesque accusors who couldn’t quite get it through their heads, Roman Polanski did nothing wrong. Even his alleged victim didn’t think it was that big a case.

  6. Thanks for replying! 🙂

    I was under the impression that the documents in question were from the 1977-78 and not recently. If it were recent, why couldn’t Gunson simply forward a copy to Polanski’s lawyers?

    As for Steve Cooley, I do think he’ll win as state attorney general, though I may be wrong. The democrat candidate is too liberal for rural California. I suspect Cooley will go after Mel Gibson with all his might in order to impress the law and order crowd.

    One final comment: it’s a sad reflection on the state of the media when journalists, who should know better, keep referring to Polanski as a child rapist, or say that he pled guilty to drugging and sodomizing a 13 year old. Makes you wonder why they keep getting it wrong.

    1. Noa:

      You’re more than welcome. I try to get to the responses on the day, but I had a big day yesterday and couldn’t get to the response on this one till tonight. Sorry.

      To answer your question, the depostion in question was from a meeting held on January of this year. Roger Gunson, I’ve heard, is in failing health and wanted to get this down for Polanski and his attorneys. He was privvy to the conversation between he and Rittenband and felt the need to get it down in case….. The deposition had to be taken under oath and under the condition that it be above reproach. This is what Cooley and Co. were afraid of. Gunson has a stellar reputation in the DA’s office and if that deposition had seen the light of day, it would have been irrefutable evidence as to Polanski’s status as of his flight and what Rittenband had agreed to …. TWICE! This was the reason Cooley needed to keep it away from the press and the Swiss. The Swiss would only have extradited on the condition that Polanski’s sentence would have constituted more than six months in a state prison. That he’d already served 42 day s of a projected 90 day stay, and that the 90 day stay was being used as punishment, Gunson’s deoposition would also have stated that. Gunson knew that Rittenband was going to use that 90 days as punishment, as it was NOT intended to be used, but trust –or not– Rittenband to do the illegal. But no, this deposition was taken this year. The Swiss had asked for it, the US and Cooley’s office as well as Judge Espinoza refused to unseal it. The Swiss got tired of being used.

      If Cooley wins as AG, it would be a sad day in American Justice. This man has not one ounce of honesty in his entire body. Given how he refused to hand over the Gunson deposition to the Swiss, how can it be trusted with such a high office? And who cares if the Democrat is ‘too liberal’. I’d hope that honesty and truthworthyness would be higher on the list. Cooley lost Polanski. The Golden Goose, as it were. He’s a dud, or should be. And he’s welcome to Mel. Only this time, try to do it legally Mr. Cooley. And if he should lose this one…… More rantings and ravings from “Mad Mel”.

      The issue with the media is that it doesn’t reflect the standards of an Edward R. Murrow who went after Senator Joe McCarthy. Murrow and his partners at See It Now were the creem-of-the-crop in journalism. The best the United States has. William Paley allowed Murrow to go after McCarthy, then promptly pulled hiim back after McCarthy became an albatross to the Senate. Paley was the beginning of the Corporatization of the press. What’s so wrong with that? Simple: There is no more truth in the press. It is all sound bites that use catch words so as to keep the audience’s attention. Use the catch phrase: “….drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl” and you’ve got ’em for the entire newscast. Use the words: “Unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor” and you get another result. That implies that it wasn’t as bad as they think. It also implies a complicity on behalf of the ‘girl’. The bigger issue here is that the American public on a whole are not ready to deal with having to explain sexual things to themselves, let alone their children. It’s truly a comedy. But that pretty much sums it all up. America needs the boogeyman. They’re not satisfied without it. Whether the name be Osama Bin Ladin, Pol Pot, Stalin, Putin, Ho Chi Minh, Hirohito, Castro, or Polanski, they gotta have an enemy to hate. Never mind that to use the Sesame Street test, one of these things doesn’t belong, Polanski is considered Public Enemy #1. He did something to one of ours, let’s lynch him a la Leo Frank, that’ll teach those foreigners with those funny names to come and do it to ours. Nevermind that there are ‘those’ doing it inside, yet there isn’t that amount of outrage.

      It’s all so hilarious really. Like the blind leading the visually challenged.

      Hope that cleared it all up. Please, do post again.

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