10,000 Days The Roman Polanski Wanted & Desired Version

I found this video on Youtube, and it’s a perfect depiction of Roman’s life. Included in the fan made video is a quote by Richard Brenneman who was a court reporter for the case back in 1977. Richard is a staunch defender of Roman and has a series of excellent articles on his blog at Eats Shoots ‘n’ Leaves dedicated to the Polanski case. In the video here Brenneman can be seen talking about the reasons Roger Gunson was chosen as the prosecutor of the Polanski case. He says that Gunson was the only one in the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office who as a devout Mormon, hadn’t had sex with an underage girl. Says a lot. Please watch the video and take note of the photos of Judge Laurence Rittenband with his Hillcrest Club denizens. Those were the ones who he was trying to impress with his “hard line” on Polanski.

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