IMDB Board Closure & A Safe Haven For Polanski Supporters

Going onto Roman Polanski’s IMDB board page I found that they are planning to close all message boards as of the middle of February. While I find this to be something that not a lot of people are going to like, I know for us Roman Polanski supporters it’ll be a godsend. No more whacky nutters like Lazy, Numby or others to believe they know what happened and no more to call those of us who support Polanski any number of disgusting names and epithets all because we don’t comply with their belief on what Polanski did to what they think he did. So I’ve made a post over there to invite all Roman’s supporters over here to this blog to carry on the discussion. To any and all of Roman’s ardent supporters from there, I welcome you with open arms. To anyone who posted there who did not play nice…. You’re on notice. Piss me or anyone else off here and you’re done. I won’t put up with your bullshit. The other cool thing here is that I can call you what I want to and you can’t report me because here I AM KING. Piss me off and you’ll learn fast. Oh, and don’t bother trying to post spam messages. There are filters for that kind of stuff and I won’t see it. So satisfying to be in control. Ahhhhhh, life is good.

3 Replies to “IMDB Board Closure & A Safe Haven For Polanski Supporters”

  1. And we can’t forget “Veritas the untruth”, yet another one of those Johnny and Janey come latelys you ranted about.

    1. Vahan:

      Yep. One of those who continually believed he had the “truth” on his side, often times reposting the allocution hearing transcripts as if it were the “truth” on Polanski “admitting” to knowing her age and “admitting” to what he did. Yep, one of those who was completely clueless as to what Rittenband did and why he needed to be disbarred for lying.


      1. Prometheus, do you still have his 30 chapter 1984 autobiography? If so, can you please do me a favor? I want you to check the book to see if Polanski knew from the moment he first met Sammy that she was 13. Polanski talked about the incident from chapters 26 to 30.

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