Due to someone deciding to use my story of my own rape for his own delusional rantings on the Roman Polanski board over at IMDB, I’ve had to make the post “Polanski Pt 2 … No Hard Feelings” password protected. I will not have my story used as some kind of fodder for someone’s own pleasure. The post was disgusting and vulgar. According to this poster, my story was concocted and therefore is perfectly acceptable to rip apart. This is in retalliation for my posts there on Samantha Geimer’s case.

I will state here: Samantha Geimer is now a public figure. She chose to go to the news media and to a tabloid show in 1997 to tell her story. She has chosen to make herself known and as such, anything in her case is available to the public under the Freedom of Informations Act or FOIA. Most of the transcripts, reports and any other rulings have been made public or have been made accessible through various media outlets. This means her story is available as any other court case to be examined. My story of my rape, however, is my own intellectual property and is not subject to being republished or reposted anywhere else without my prior written, verbal or given agreement. Therefore, at this time, I have taken it offline in order that this person cannot exploit my story to his own whims.

I will state here once and for all, I was raped on 21 December 1977. I am a rape survivor, however, I will not be victimized again. So to this one poster, if you have saved anything of my blog to repost someplace else, I will find it and have it deleted once more. You had no right to take my story and mock it. You had no right to take my rape and contort it to your own aims. My story and my case is not public. There are no public documents available for anyone’s perusal. Therefore my story is not for your musings.

I’ll have more on the Polanski case in the days to come.