“Making a Murderer” & “Wanted and Desired”

I was asked on the now defunct IMDB Polanski board by Numby if I would feel the same for a ditch digger as I do for Roman Polanski. When I said to Numby that yes, I would. He went on to call me a few expletives, then proceeded to call me a liar. I told him he was wrong and went on to mention my feelings regarding the two men in the now well-publicized Netflix docu-series MAKING A MURDERER, the story of the wrongful imprisonment for eighteen years of Steven Avery for the rape of Penny Beernsten, then his re-arrest by Calument and Manitowoc investigators he was suing for wrongful imprisonment. Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey are now serving life sentences for the rape and murder of victim Teresa Halbach. The reason I mention them is that Avery was part-owner of an auto wrecking yard, and Dassey was a sixteen-year-old special needs young man. What makes me so hateful of Numby for his belief I wouldn’t care for either Avery or Dassey or both is that the level of my compassion does not only lie with famous Polish movie directors. To me Avery and Dassey are easily in the same boat as Roman Polanski. And I’ll proceed to tell you why.

A little background information for you. Back in July 1985 a young woman by the name of Penny Beernsten was raped and left for dead by an assailant she identified as Steven Avery, a local auto wrecking yard owner who had had no less than a few run-ins with the authorties. By 1985 Avery had been on the radar with the authorities for various offenses, but nothing that denoted an escalation of sexually-based crime. Usually in the case of rape or sexual assault there is a pattern of escalation in terms of what the perpetrator begins to do to become a rapist. In the case of Canadian murderer Paul Bernardo, he began with sexual assault by taking his victims from behind, then forcing them down onto the ground than anally raping them. In total there were about a dozen victims of what came to be known as the Scarborough Rapist. A few years later Bernardo and his then wife, Karla Homolka, raped three school girls including her own sister, Tammy Homolka, and two others Kristin French and Leslie Mahaffey. Before that Bernardo and Homolka drugged three women to rape them while they were unconscious, recording them on tape while they did. In this case there was that escalation of raping while the victim was aware of what he was doing, then drugging them to rape them while they were unconscious as they did with Tammy, but then kidnapping both Kristin and Lesley that ended in murder, with the latter dismembered and encased in concrete. However, with Avery there was no inciting incident, no original rape that would begin the escalation.

Avery was convicted and sent to prison for 32 years for rape and attempted murder. And the story should have ended there…. only it didn’t.

Shortly after Steven was sent to prison for the Penny Beernsten assault, his appellate lawyers applied for two appeals that went no where. It looked like Avery was going to be doing the full length of his prison sentence. However, in 1995 after Avery had spent ten years behind bars a guard at the prison where Avery was being held received a call from a guard in another jurisdiction regarding a serial rapist by the name of Gregory Allen. Allen was serving time for another rape, but he had also confessed to another rape he said happened in Manitowoc County. The call was dismissed because according to Manitowoc, they had their rapist in prison serving a sentence. The problem with this was Avery had more than a dozen people who had provided an alibi for him, also there was no real evidence against him for the Beernsten rape other than a single blonde hair that according to tests, was consistent with that of Penny Beernsten. But nothing else connected Avery to the rape. No fluids, no sperm, no DNA, no nothing, yet he was serving 32 years for the crime.

Flash forward to 2003 Steven Avery filed another appeal based on the new science of DNA testing that had by that time, exonerated several men who had been serving time in prison for rapes they did not commit. Avery hoped that this was the one thing that would eventually clear him. His appeal was granted and that same year, a vial of Steven Avery’s blood was taken to be tested with the fluids that were collected from Penny Beernsten’s body during the rape kit exam back in 1985. That blood was tested along with the sperm and it was shown that Avery was not the contributor of the sample. It was then found out about the call that was made back in 1995 regarding Gregory Allen to the prison where Avery was serving his time. Allen’s DNA was collected and it was a perfect match to the fluids left on Penny’s body. Steven Avery was immediately released from prison in 2003 having served 18 years of his life behind bars. As a result Avery filed a wrongful conviction suit against both Calumet and Manitowoc Counties.

Two years later in October 2005 a woman by the name of Teresa Halbach disappeared having been at Avery’s wrecking yard on an assignment for Auto Trader Magazine. After an investigation police and sheriffs of Calumet and Manitowoc counties arrested Steven Avery for Halbach’s rape and murder based on a confession obtained from his nephew, Brendan Dassey. During the trial Avery settled his wrongful conviction case with Wisconsin for a paltry sum of $400,000.00, down from the 38 million he’d originally filed for. The money Avery needed to pay his lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting. After Avery was convicted Manitowoc prosecutor Ken Kratz convicted Brendan Dassey based on his confession to investigators Mark Weigert and Tom Fassbender. You can view Brendan’s “confession” below.

Part One:

Part Two:

Like in the Polanski case there’s all kinds of stink involved with Avery and Dassey’s convictions. First of all is the fact that hte ones who conducted the investigation were the same people Steven Avery had filed his wrongful conviction civil suit against. Second was what Brendan Dassey confessed to did not match the lack of evidence. Namely, in the “confession” Brendan is guided by Fassbender and Weigert to tell what he and Avery had done to Teresa Halbach, including slitting her throat and shooting her in the head after they’d raped her in Avery’s bedroom. Brendan had said Avery had chained Halbach to the bed, and as she fought with him, they raped her. The problem is there were no marks on the perfect headboard where Brendan had said they’d raped her. Next there was no blood anywhere in the bedroom where Brendan said Avery had slit her throat. Next Brendan told that they’d moved Halbach out to the garage and subsequently shot her in the head. He explained there was a lot of blood and that he and Avery had cleaned it all up. Problem with that is even using Luminol,a compound that is sprayed on a surface then an ultraviolet light is used to illuminate the residue of cleaned up blood, there was no blood found. No residue. According to the authorities Avery and Dassey had burned the sheets and coverlet in a burn barrel outside in the yard after they’d burned Halbach’s body to small bone fragments. The problem with that was why didn’t they burn the mattress that would have had blood seepage into the fillers and fabrics? Next is the issue of shooting Halbach in the garage. When authorities searched the garage they found one bullet fragment, but no blood. Nothing. The garage had a lot of car parts and two cars, plus a heavy layer of dust that had settled. According to the confession Brendan gave Weigert and Fassbender he said they’d cleaned that up too. Problem there is that the dust was not disturbed. The police even went to the extent of jackhammering the flooring up to see if anything had seeped into some cracks in the pad, but they found nothing. No blood. There was a small amount of blood found in Teresa Halbach’s Toyota RAV-4 SVU, however, there wasn’t enough to say that her body had been in there, as according to Dassey they’d used her vehicle to move her body from the trailer to the burn pit. But the small amount of blood found in the RAV-4 may have come from the vial of blood used to exonerate Avery in the Beernsten rape two years previous.

This is like Det. Phillip Vannatter carrying a vial of Oj Simpson’s blood from it’s collection at Parker Center to the secondary crime scene at his home at 365 North Rockingham and the small amount of blood found on Simpson’s socks, and the presence of EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) a preservative used in blood collection kits. Did I mention Phillip Vannatter?

As can clearly be seen in the two videos I provided, you can see that Brendan Dassey is slow. He has a low IQ and has been diagnosed with a cognitive disability and with the need to please. People with that kind of a disability will be very easily led to say whatever they’re told to say because they want to please. Steven Avery isn’t any better. He clearly has a low IQ marked at about 70 to Dassey’s 60. They’re functional, however, not devious or able to commit such a terrible crime without making one mistake. And that is the crux of their cases. While there were possessions of Halbach’s found in the burn pit including her cell phone and her camera, there wasn’t enough to say she was murdered at the scrapyard.

So the reason for my post is to dispel Numby’s notion that I only care about “rich” Polish/French film directors, that I’m somehow a groupie or something of Polanski’s. To me both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are no different than Roman Polanski. I feel both Dassey and Avery were railroaded in an attempt to get rid of Avery’s wrongful conviction suit that would have bankrupted Manitowoc and even the State of Wisconsin. As for Polanski the jockeying that has occurred in his case clearly shows that no one in the Criminal Courts Division of California wants to admit to wrongdoing in terms of the amount of misconduct with Judge Rittenband and former DA David Wells, not to mention that of Steven Cooley, Jackie Lacey, Judge Peter Espinoza, Judge Larry Fidler, and Phillip Vannatter. Did I mention him before?

My compassion does go out to Dassey and Avery as much as it does Polanski because I hate bullies. I hate inequality and I hate it when authority uses it’s power to abuse and demean the rule of law. So Numby if you’re reading this, you’re an idiot, no worse than that, you’re a fucking idiot. You think you can say what you did without me shoving it in your face? You demeaned me and others with your disgusting talk of calling us “pedophiles” and “pedo-lovers” and called me a rape survivor a cunt and a twat. Well you are nothing more than a small boy who is nothing more than a bully. Those of us who support Roman Polanski support others in the same vein as Polanski. We do not support unfair tribunals where judges and prosecutors abuse their power. Where misconduct is treated like “no big deal” and where those who adjudicate it are not held to the same standard. Those like Rittenband, Wells, Kratz, Cooley, Fassbender, Weigert, who believe they are allowed to do what they did to Roman Polanski, to Steven Avery, to Brendan Dassey without equal punishment….and you, you piece of shit are not allowed to diminish us with your accusations and your foul mouthed vitriol.

So what is the lesson in this: Read and learn the actual facts before you shoot of your mouth. And you’re not allowed to inject things into the conversation that are not relevant. But then you Trump supporters don’t believe in facts. And that will be your downfall.

“Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired” Watch

I found on Youtube an upload of the documentary ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED that begs a re-watch. Why? There are certain message board posters who believe that Judge Laurence J. Rittenband would have gone easy on Roman. That is not the truth. At the 25:14 minute mark, Assistant District Attorney Steve Barshop has this to say about Rittenband:

“Rittenband was known as a hammer.That means that he was a tough judge and a tough sentencer. If you didn’t make a deal, and you didn’t have the deal in place when you went in there, you were in trouble.”

So to Veritas-Lux-Mea I have this to say to you, any belief that Rittenband was only going to sentence Polanski to the remaining 48 days left on the psychiatric diagnostic, is very naive my friend. That and his admission to his country club friend of his intention to “Throw the book at that Pollocko” proves more than adequately his intention to indeed, throw that book at Polanski no matter the sentencing guidelines at the time, and the result of the written reports from the court-appointed psychiatrists and the probation officer. So please save us the hyperbole that you think you know more than those involved or than those of us who have investigated this case since 1977.

And to Numby if you put the slider ahead to about 31:00 minutes, you’ll see Polanski with his attorney Douglas Dalton who is giving a press conference where Dalton is asking this:

The facts indicate that before the… – the alleged act in this case, this girl had engaged in sexual activity. That’s contained in reports that we now have. We want to know about it. We want to know who was involved, when. We want to know why these other people were not prosecuted, and this is a thing we want to fully develop.

Concrete proof of other men Samantha Geimer had slept with, yet they were not charged. That is called selective prosecution. Then later on Anthea Sylbert asked the question of why didn’t Susan Gailey keep Samantha out of that circle. These are valid questions when you consider all the shit that has been thrown at Polanski these last four decades. I love what the French journalist says about how Polanski had made a name of Natassja Kinski, so it was expected that he would do the same for Geimer. Then Geimer has the audacity to say to, “give my mom a break.” Yeah, right Sammy. I’ve documented my rape in another post and I’ve also stated about the ambivalence I had for my mother from that point on to the point that when she died in May 2015, I was upset, but not overwrought because to me, our relationship fractured that Winter of 1977. I felt at that point I could no longer trust her. That Geimer can be so blase about Susan Gailey’s conduct, speaks volumes. In fact, it speaks more than volumes, it’s blaring.

IMDB Board Closure & A Safe Haven For Polanski Supporters

Going onto Roman Polanski’s IMDB board page I found that they are planning to close all message boards as of the middle of February. While I find this to be something that not a lot of people are going to like, I know for us Roman Polanski supporters it’ll be a godsend. No more whacky nutters like Lazy, Numby or others to believe they know what happened and no more to call those of us who support Polanski any number of disgusting names and epithets all because we don’t comply with their belief on what Polanski did to what they think he did. So I’ve made a post over there to invite all Roman’s supporters over here to this blog to carry on the discussion. To any and all of Roman’s ardent supporters from there, I welcome you with open arms. To anyone who posted there who did not play nice…. You’re on notice. Piss me or anyone else off here and you’re done. I won’t put up with your bullshit. The other cool thing here is that I can call you what I want to and you can’t report me because here I AM KING. Piss me off and you’ll learn fast. Oh, and don’t bother trying to post spam messages. There are filters for that kind of stuff and I won’t see it. So satisfying to be in control. Ahhhhhh, life is good.

Calling Out A Numbnut

I really debated whether I’d make this post but considering the rampant malignancy that is a certain other IMDB poster, I thought it was time. Yeah another poster on that board who is in serious need for a time out. This poster’s name is Justanicknamed. Why name him? Simple, because he is quite plainly one of the most disgusting and deplorable people I’ve ever come across. And that word is more than apropos due to his rampant love of none other than President Pussy Grabber and known White Supremacist, Donald J. Trump. This person voted for this piece of excrement. So I guess in the end, that makes Numby, as we call him on the board, just as much a piece of excrement. Truth hurts when it hits you in the face. I guess that in the end Numby like so many others are in that “basket of deplorables” that Hillary Clinton mentioned of Trump’s supporters/voters. Numby is one of those types that no matter what you tell him he won’t believe it because those voices in his head are telling him something else, doesn’t matter if there is proof/facts on your side. He’s like Trump who invents stuff so that he can appear to have the upper hand. Problem is, he just comes off looking like a stupid petulant dope who like Jon Snow, knows nothing. Numby posts often as many times as a couple dozen times in a day to the Polanski board, and in each posting he will haul off and call anyone any number of disgusting and dehumanizing names all because he has no off switch or ethical compass. Anyone is open for his ridicule no matter how many times one tries to be civil with him. And believe me I tried to be. With anyone on that board I try to be civil. I try to be as informative as I can, providing as much information as I can to allow he and others to acquit themselves of the facts. However, this person blatantly refuses to accept anything you give him. He chooses to ignore the facts and instead brings up things that were not a part of the case but then hammers those home, even to the extent of making stuff up.

So why this post? To show how clearly deluded these people are. In this new age where facts are somehow wrong and or not facts, and of fake news, it’s no wonder Numby and his ilk have trouble with facts. They believe that it’s perfectly fine to use disgusting epithets to describe you, even urging others to do the same. Numby claims to be a supporter of rape victims. When I pointed out that I was a victim of rape, he then went on to say he was happy I was raped and that I likely enjoyed it. This is the kind of crap that is acceptable these days. Now under Trump they are emboldened by his behaviour. Numby even said something like he hoped I had blood dripping from my vagina, that’s how virulent his strain is. And again I say that this is the “new normal” where Trumpers (might as well call them what they are and in counter to the birthers and their nonsense toward President Barack Obama) feel as if they have the right to have this crap spew out of their pie holes and no one will call them out on what they’ve said or that what they’ve said is not the truth. One such thing Numby refuses to understand is that the photos Roman Polanski took of Samantha Geimer on that afternoon in March 1977, were not part of the original six felony counts he faced after being arrested. Those original six counts were:

  • rape by use of drugs
  • perversion
  • sodomy
  • lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14
  • furnishing a controlled substance to a minor

Does anyone see a charge on the photos? Interestingly all those were reduced to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, a misdemeanor down from six felony counts. At no point was he ever charged with child pornography for having taken the photos. It should be noted that Samantha Geimer has possession of those photos. Some of them appeared in her book, including one on the cover taken by Polanski. So those photos must not have been so traumatic that she can look at them and have them in her book. It’s shocking that she wants to look at them, but then we all know she’s not really disturbed by them. They were taken by one of the most celebrated of film directors. Someone she could never have expected to ever cross paths. But those photos were not part of the original charges no matter how many times Numby wants to say it does not make it so. But Numby likes to have his fiction to cling to.

I suspect this type of revisionisism will get progressively worse as the next four years go on. Trumpers will get more and more emboldened by believing that Trump “has their backs” even though if the going gets tough, he’ll abandon them just as readily as he has everyone else who he’s become pissed off with. He’s already doing that now.

Numby has had plenty of time to bone up on the facts of the Polanski case. This author has provided more than enough links on it to sink the Titanic a few times over. Those links include some in the sidebar. Novalis Lore, Jean Malkovsky, my own work here…. Those all have the truth on the case including Jean’s in-depth analysis of Samantha Geimer’s chronic mind lapses as to what she’s said before and now about the events of that afternoon. Then there is Jean’s analysis of Geimer’s book, that travesty of the truth where she again uses her oft-told lies and half-truths to extol her own “trauma” but then spews out her own sexual prowess and how she was basically a slut. Even the pleading of her own father didn’t change her. But she never really puts that blame on Polanski. Oh she says that her life changed after him, but she never has any concrete proof it was any different afterwards than it was before. She still exercised her autonomy in terms of her sleeping around. She chronicles how her mother would drop her off at the back door of her school, where she would then exit the front door with her good friend, catching the bus to go back to the friend’s house do drugs and sleep with guys. So what was new here? She was doing the exact same thing before Polanski. So nothing Polanski did had any impact on her whatsoever, with the exception that she was more famous. And even that she has issues with. Isn’t that what she wanted? Didn’t she want to become famous? Wasn’t that what her book was for? To give her that podium to “share her story”? The most disgusting thing about her is how she says she has called up rape victims to offer support, and this doesn’t in the least cause anyone to gasp? And this is the thing Numby and his ilk refuse to believe, that this is what Geimer wanted all a long. If you look at her when she appears on the various interview shows she does, and or magazine articles, she poses with that same smirk she always has. The one that tells she knows she has Roman Polanski as a notch in her bedpost. And that same smirk I want to just punch out of her. But Numby and his ilk believe her, believes the lies being told about Polanski by the red press, and often times these people make stuff up to make him more a monster because of those voices in their heads. And this I suspect is the result. Like his blind devotion to Trump, I believe that Numby truly believes what he’s saying, despite the fact that nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth. Just another keyboard warrior without a sword to wield or a cause to champion, because face it, there is no damsel in distress here. Geimer has more or less told them they’re not needed in the discussion, but then like Trump, she does an about-face then wants them to believe her when it supposedly counts.

But then it doesn’t really count because she’s openly campaigned for Polanski’s full exoneration. She’s written two letters of congratulations to the Swiss and Polish justices who found no cause to extradite Polanski back to the United States. Here in this letter I’m reproducing under Fair Use, she writes to the current District Attorney Jackie Lacy who is the acolyte of Steve Cooley:

January 24, 2014

RE: The State of California vs Roman Polanski & Roman Raymond Polanski vs The Superior Court of Los Angeles

District Attorney Lacey:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Samantha Geimer, the minor victim involved in the Roman Polanski sexual assault case. I write you to request that your office commence an official investigation into the alleged misconduct occurring in 1977 and 1978 during proceedings in The State of California vs Roman Polanski. As the minor victim in this case any misconduct which may have occurred impacts me directly. More importantly the fundamental fairness and justice in our criminal justice system is paramount above the individual concerns of the defendant and I or the State of California’s interest in prosecuting a case.

In Section VIII. Conclusion, of the Dec. 21, 2009, Opinion of the Second Appellate Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, it is stated that the Court remains deeply concerned that these allegations of misconduct have not been addressed. Further, “Polanski’s allegations urgently require full exploration and then, if indicated, curative action for the abuses alleged here. Time continues to pass, and the delay in addressing this matter has already removed one participant from the ranks of the available witnesses for an evidentiary hearing on the judicial and prosecutorial misdeeds that have been alleged here. The passage of more time before this case’s final resolution will further hamper the search for the truth and the delivery of any appropriate relief, and it will also prolong the agony that the lack of finality in this matter continues to cause Samantha Geimer. We all exhort all participants in this extended drama to place the integrity of the criminal justice system above the desire to punish any one individual, whether for his offense or his flight.”

It has been four years since this opinion was issued. Additional allegations that have been made and facts that have been revealed since the original proceedings have raised new questions and concerns about the treatment of this case in the years since 1977. These include the recent statements and behavior of David Wells, recent revelations about Judge Fidler’s handing of the case (*please see link below) and Steven Cooley’s hostile attitude towards myself and the California Victims’ Bill of Rights.

I understand that your office has pressing and more current matters on which to commit its resources, but if not now, when? The answer will be never, as eventually the original participants in the matter will not be available to testify. I have been the lonely voice of a woman and a victim in a choir of the voices of powerful men and their individual agendas. I ask only that you find the truth, that you demonstrate the integrity of the Los Angeles District Attorneys’ Office and seek that justice not be delayed or denied any further.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Samantha Geimer

No where does she state she was harmed by Polanski. No where does she state about her pain and anguish at what Polanski “did to her”. She cites, at her discretion, her “victimhood” but never once admits to her own culpability in this travesty of justice. But then that would mean she’d have to admit to having lied under oath, and then admit that it was all a honey trap set up by her mother and her to “reel in the big one”. She says that she wants truth, but she refuses to admit hers. But there again she is not acting like a victim. If she were a victim, she wouldn’t be writing letters in support of Polanski, rather ones that ask for his head on a platter. I know for me had I been able to prosecute my rapist, I would have without asking for leniency. I’d be asking for his head on a platter because that’s what real rape victims do. We don’t slobber all over ourselves, whetted with excitement to be in the news yet again with a whale of a tale. We don’t want our rapists to be able to walk away scott free for having raped us. We want justice, and that is the one thing that Samantha Geimer is not asking for. Some will say, “Oh, it’s because she’s forgiven him….” Forgiven what? What did he do to her other than give her that one thing she wanted: Fame and a career. And that career is as an actress who plays her part well. Didn’t she say in her tome the two of them were, “playing our parts”? If anyone can’t read into that what actually happened then I feel for you. I truly do. And for those like Numby who can’t seem to grasp that Polanski is not their whipping boy. Numby even claimed to have exercised great restraint when a 15 year-old girl allegedly threw herself at him. He acts like Geimer in a way, that he’s the best gift to ever have existed. But then both Numby and Geimer have huge egos that need to be stroked daily…if not hourly. And like Numby’s new idol, President Pussy Grabber himself, he is completely too stupid to realize that he’s not god’s gift to anyone or anything…including himself.

So Numby if you read this…. Glad you did, but not for the reasons you think.