“Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired” Watch

I found on Youtube an upload of the documentary ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED that begs a re-watch. Why? There are certain message board posters who believe that Judge Laurence J. Rittenband would have gone easy on Roman. That is not the truth. At the 25:14 minute mark, Assistant District Attorney Steve Barshop has this to say about Rittenband:

“Rittenband was known as a hammer.That means that he was a tough judge and a tough sentencer. If you didn’t make a deal, and you didn’t have the deal in place when you went in there, you were in trouble.”

So to Veritas-Lux-Mea I have this to say to you, any belief that Rittenband was only going to sentence Polanski to the remaining 48 days left on the psychiatric diagnostic, is very naive my friend. That and his admission to his country club friend of his intention to “Throw the book at that Pollocko” proves more than adequately his intention to indeed, throw that book at Polanski no matter the sentencing guidelines at the time, and the result of the written reports from the court-appointed psychiatrists and the probation officer. So please save us the hyperbole that you think you know more than those involved or than those of us who have investigated this case since 1977.

And to Numby if you put the slider ahead to about 31:00 minutes, you’ll see Polanski with his attorney Douglas Dalton who is giving a press conference where Dalton is asking this:

The facts indicate that before the… – the alleged act in this case, this girl had engaged in sexual activity. That’s contained in reports that we now have. We want to know about it. We want to know who was involved, when. We want to know why these other people were not prosecuted, and this is a thing we want to fully develop.

Concrete proof of other men Samantha Geimer had slept with, yet they were not charged. That is called selective prosecution. Then later on Anthea Sylbert asked the question of why didn’t Susan Gailey keep Samantha out of that circle. These are valid questions when you consider all the shit that has been thrown at Polanski these last four decades. I love what the French journalist says about how Polanski had made a name of Natassja Kinski, so it was expected that he would do the same for Geimer. Then Geimer has the audacity to say to, “give my mom a break.” Yeah, right Sammy. I’ve documented my rape in another post and I’ve also stated about the ambivalence I had for my mother from that point on to the point that when she died in May 2015, I was upset, but not overwrought because to me, our relationship fractured that Winter of 1977. I felt at that point I could no longer trust her. That Geimer can be so blase about Susan Gailey’s conduct, speaks volumes. In fact, it speaks more than volumes, it’s blaring.